Sure, your personal information is secure... unless it's shared over the Internet.

You've heard the promises before. Your personal information is secure and WiFi access is always available. You know neither is true, but what can you do?

Think differently.

Download the Beta release of the Android version of Q-Up Plus now!

With Q-Up Plus, you now have more options in sharing information along with using the Internet.

When you share information - It's always secure with Q-Up Plus - no matter how it's sent.

With Q-Up Plus, the closer you are to others, the more secure you can be in sharing private information. Now you can connect anywhere and securely share encrypted information immediately!

Ever attend a networking event, or as a like-minded single, been out to a club or bar and wanted to exchange names, phone numbers, or even email addresses?  But find it’s too loud to hear, or too crowded to enter all that information?  Later, have you ever been unable to match names with faces or worse, even lost the person's card?

  • Never worry about WiFi or Internet connection again.
  • Send Chat messages that are read by only those who receive them.
  • Send photos that are seen by only those who receive them.
  • Don't fumble with business cards or manually enter contacts any longer!

Imagine in an area well over two football fields connecting with others to easily and securely share encrypted:

  • Contact information
  • Video & MP3 files
  • Documents and photos
  • Even instant Direct WiFi and Bluetooth Chat messaging and Internet delivered Email attachments are encrypted.

All encrypted information is securely sent with or without using the Internet on any Apple or Android Smartphones.

  • You can instantly and easily decide what selected contact information to share.
  • Even mark the day, date, time, and location via Geocoding (street address, etc.), where you met.
  • Automatically sending it to and from any iPhone, iPad, or Android Smartphone, via Bluetooth or QR code transmission.

Now you can instantly SHARE encrypted contact information, video, MP3 audio, documents, photos and instant Chat messages to/from other Smart Phones and devices easily and securely, with Q-Up Plus, via fast and safe Direct WiFi, Bluetooth, or NFC technology.

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